A word of thanks

This post goes out to all you facebook friends, family, loved ones and anyone who have followed me, listened to me, seen my AutoImmune pics, heard my stories and advocacy, and are still here to share my journey.

It cant be easy for all to be my friends, loved ones, relatives and readers when you hear about me struggling or suffering or going to endless tests and doctors appointments. You may feel uncomfortable sometimes and even powerless.

Some of you may not know what to say or what to do… and that’s ok.

I really do thank you all for those of you who have chosen to stay the distance and who have shown great compassion and loyalty when I have not been able to attend a party, wedding, celebration or when I am too ill to even talk on the phone or have visitors. It can’t be easy being a friend or loved one to someone with a chronic illness but its only part of who I truly am.

I cant and wont hide the fact that it has become part of me and influences how I manage my life and the choices I make. Just as I accept who you all are and enjoy sharing your pictures of your own personal milestones, your jobs, your children, your holidays. We are all different. Its who we are inside that truly matters and I am glad that you can all still see who I am and my personality through whatever challenges life may present.

I will always post about my health journey and continue to advocate for those who suffer from chronic health issues (not just autoimmune) as I am by nature a compassionate, caring and loving person. My aim has always been to educate, not to be pitied or distance you all.

You are all part of my life because you all have so much meaning to me and I hope we will all share many more times and events to come.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, support and love.

Gentle hugs

5 thoughts on “A word of thanks

  1. Hello Trish ! How can I contact you personally ? My husband francois (67 yrs) has MG Myasthenia Gravis, and has only been diagnosed 7 years ago. Your story is so beautifully written. God Bless ! I take my hat off to you to be so positive !

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    1. Jenny thank you so much for your kind words and my only hope is to bring dignity, respect, validation and understanding. There is so much we share in our challenges and I hope that people who have no experience of health challenges can feel informed and understand some of amazing survivors we all are. I always said to my husband, if I can help even one person to bring dignity and respect to their lives than it is worth all the pain and effort. You are most welcome and I send all my best wishes to you and your husband. Gentle hugs, Trish.


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