I have decided to write about issues outside of the usual Autoimmune wheelhouse more this year if for no other reason than I feel it my privilege as this is my own site and also that I am at an age where I owe it to myself now.

I don’t assume my readers will always agree or appreciate some of the topics I may write about but I am resilient enough, and at peace with myself enough, that I am always happy to agree to disagree and always willing to respect another’s point of view.

So with this in mind I will add my voice to some of the controversy surrounding that great plague of the 2000’s; COVID 19.

I feel there are many points being made in the current epidemic around lockdowns, masks, immunisations and the way in which many governments have handled things and the terrible confusion that is rife these days. Confusion and fear is often a precursor to anger and retaliation from the general population and we are witnessing this globally.

Protestors and demonstrators are gathering together and organising rallies in city streets to show their anger and frustration, and on some levels it is understandable. We are all frustrated, confused, concerned and wondering what the future will look like as it is increasingly likely that we will be living with a Covid culture for a long time to come.

One reason the protestors are using for their show of force is the concept of freedoms. I for one do believe in our right and freedoms and a right to free speech is one of those things. Many of us living in western society pride it as one of our most precious rights and we hope to always have this right and work hard to protect it.

I have read countless references to how our forefathers and grandfathers have fought in wars to secure our current freedoms. However, many are using this as a reason for why they are protesting and I have spent a lot of time pondering this.

I absolutely respect and honour our forefathers for all that they have fought for and sacrificed in the wars before but I also can’t help but think that many of the reasons they did what they did was also from the concept of sacrifice and responsibility to their country and to their fellow man also.

The notion that we all have inalienable rights seems to overshadow the fact that we also have just as much responsibility which we cannot forget or divest ourselves of. Responsibility to ourselves, our family, our community, our country and our world.

The notion of responsibility seems to be an ‘inconvenient truth’ these days in the rights based mentality but it is none the less important for the survival of us all.

This often means we are required to do things, give things, endure things, pay things and respect some things that aren’t always convenient, pleasant or enjoyable. We seem to be faced with many of those things currently as the pandemic continues to be the constant fear in the hearts and minds of the world.

I for one don’t love doing all the things being asked by our leading scientist, physicians and health organisations. They can be incredibly impacting on our daily lives; Absolutely. But as someone that has had to accept and deal with struggles and challenges for decades now, it is not at all uncommon for me.

For those who haven’t had the types of struggles and challenges that those of us with health issues face every day of our lives this is all very new. It must be quite daunting and it takes times to get the collective heads around it.

Whatever lays ahead in the Covid environment we should make our choices based not only on our individual rights but we should also have a commitment to the notion of our responsibility to each other and what we need to do to help, protect and serve the greater good. This is how we survive as a species and as well as our inalienable rights we also have a duty and responsibility to the rest of the world and this can require sacrifice, just like that of our forefathers.

Gentle hugs,


One thought on “Sacrifice

  1. I believe church attendance must be at an all-time high here in Indiana. At first of course church attendance had really dropped off. But now, since the legislature allowed people to not wear masks if they claim a religious exemption, I am sure the numbers must be sky-high. GO figure!!


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