To The Women In My Life …

When we are born we never really know who we are or what we are going to be. Even when we are old. It seems like the minute you figure out what and who you are life comes along and changes you.

Being born in the seventies (yes, I am that old) it wasn’t ever told to me what being a woman would mean but occasionally a relative might utter “be a lady” or “that’s just what being a woman is”. Many things I rejected. Some I had to accept.

I have since met many women in my life time and I can honestly say they have all been different to me and I absolutely adore them for it!

Some women I have looked up to and some have helped make me who I am today. But they have all taught me that aside from some biological similarities we are all unique and amazing; Especially the Autoimmunes I have met along the way.

The first woman I ever met, my mother, taught me so much about defying female stereotypes that even today, after she has gone, her lessons are still living on and I see so much of her in myself. Her life lessons, pain, spirit, love and humour lives on in me day after day.

I have met and loved some very special women in my lifetime and it’s a different love from any man I have ever met. No one will love you like a woman. No one will stand by you like a woman. No one will heal you like a woman and no one will nurture your soul like a woman. We have such capacity to love, forgive, commit and hang on that is unsurpassed by men and we are there to pick up the pieces when things break… And they always do.

To be loved by a woman is the greatest thing that this world has to give and as I look over the people owe my life to now in this broken, painful and challenging battle, it is the women that have stuck by me that I am most grateful for.

I can’t explain all the things I have come to love, appreciate and cherish about the women I have met in my lifetime but my hope is that I will always be able to show them how much they mean to me. Even when I have little time, health or strength to give them back. The sisterhood is real. It is this invisible blanket that holds the world together and comforts us when we need it most. I have been lucky to have fallen in love with some special men in my life but I feel that loving the women in my life is every bit as special and meaningful to me too.

You know who you are. Your faces come to me now and everyday and always will. My life has been made by you all and I will never forget you. Thank you for being there, for being you and for loving me when I need it most.

Gentle hugs,


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