Virus Lessons

After watching how the world is coping after a few months of VIRUS restrictions and lock down I felt compelled to make some observations from my own perspective in the hope that it might give pause to those out there who have both intelligence and depth… and here are some of those thoughts.

There has been countless amounts of people who have not handled very well the intrusion on their lives and the limitations that this virus has placed on them. The backlash has been incredibly loud and protestors have gathered all over the globe to voice their displeasure. It seems strange to me that much of the global population can empathize with these people, even if we disagree with their reasoning, however they can not find such compassion for those with chronic illnesses and who have been confined to their homes for as long as decades!

Imagine for a moment what it must be like being confined to your home or bed for most of your remaining life! This current COVID 19 situation is the first time that most people alive can begin to comprehend what these concepts actually mean and how they might affect the hundreds of millions of sufferers out there.

It is truly devastating.

Through no fault of our own, and not by choice, we have been taken out of our lives and interned in our homes. We have become invisible and forgotten. The true victims of lockdown and confinement.

I have watched for weeks now so many vlogs, memes, Facebook interviews, news reports, and large numbers of people who have been angry, fearful, lost, frustrated and sad and each time I think to myself “why can’t people see what the ill feel like all the time?…what must life be like for us?”

After years of living like this we experience anguish, depression, intense sadness, frustration, anxiety and claustrophobia. We feel lost and forgotten by the world. It is ironic that during these times the chronically ill have had little to no difficulty adjusting to these rules and regulations although it is people with chronic illnesses and diseases that are at the highest risks of all by the virus.

As we all witnessed hoarders buying up toilet paper and displaying some strange, selfish, hateful and neurotic behaviors, nobody seems to recall that the chronically ill have never reacted or behaved in this extreme way and yet they constantly called out, picked on, judged, looked down upon and scorned for simply being sick and struggling privately!

Nobody has ever seen a chronically ill person with a billboard screaming because we haven’t had our hair done, despite the fact that we can rarely, if ever, have our hair done without pain or suffering.

The virus has seen a generous response from governments to assist those who have been inconvenienced and have had their livelihoods effected over the past months. A flood of donations, support, funding and public monies have been found to assist people who are suffering at this time and yet many chronically ill and disabled wait for years for assistance. Years!! And even then there is no guarantee that they will get any assistance (even a meager amount) and yet the world looks at them in judgement and condemnation.

As generous payments and company bail outs have been flooding in, disabled and sick people are having their small pittance of support reduced.

It is my sincere hope that as we come out the other side of this virus crisis that the long term effects are not felt on the world economy and fiscal status but more on the worlds hearts and perceptions. I hope we have been educated on what life can be like when crisis and misfortune hits peoples lives and what being vulnerable and inconvenienced is truly like.

May our compassion, understanding and humanity be restored and a reset of our ability to care for and connect with our fellow man be renewed also. I hope that we collectively find a cure for the way we see each other at the end of all this and learn so much more from these lesson we have been given.

Gentle hugs,


2 thoughts on “Virus Lessons

  1. Well I am glad that picture of me demanding to get my hair cut did not make it to you. I stood out tin front of my house for 3 days demanding i get it cut. Of course, my situation was a little different, I use a naked lady barber and I just trying to get her to cut it. Thankfully after 4 days and my promise ot give her $40.00 after the stores open again got her to do it. Trouble is now she wants $40.00 every two weeks. Psst, i guess that deal did not turn out OK after all.


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