Invisible (A Poem)


(Poem by Trish Dyne)

As I sat aching and numb with my tears

My eyes showing pain

after all of these years

What will happen? What lies ahead?

My heart beating loudly with the fears in my head

Will I recover? Is my life at an end?

She touched my hand gently

and then softly she said

What lies ahead we can’t know for sure

We don’t have answers

and we don’t have cures.

The pain can be endless,

so much will be changed.

But as you can see

there are worse things than pain.

some diseases are accepted

But with some it’s quite clear

With ‘these’ awful diseases

you will slowly disappear

In time you are forgotten

and in time you will see

That all you have worked for

or may have wanted to be

May be taken from you,

although no one may know

How painful it is

Because you can’t let it show

To talk about invisible diseases today

Is seen as lying and failure,

So you may be forced to go away

there is no medicine to help ‘others’

be kinder or try

To accept that there are things

that can’t be seen with the eye

And while there are many questions

one thing remains true

It’s not the disease that is invisible

Its your suffering.

It’s you.

3 thoughts on “Invisible (A Poem)

  1. Lovely poem !!! I once wrote a poem. However, mine was shorter and I received detention for my efforts.

    OK not so much the writing as reciting it.

    On the school PA piped into every classroom.

    With bad words.

    The subject of my effort.

    Hey, that is a natural body function, it is not my fault others are sort of prudish.

    Just saying !!!


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