Different views

I recently watched an interesting and informative video about parents who were raising an Autistic child. They explained that in order to best help their son they had to look at the world from his perspective.

They went on to say that by seeing the world through his eyes they had a better appreciation for his challenges and were able to help him more. It also made them more grateful for their roles and helped them understand how important their behavior was when they were around him. They also said how rewarding it was to have him in their lives.

People watching these videos, including myself, get a profound sense of admiration and appreciation for this family and we feel it opens our hearts and minds when we watch such informative videos. I felt like I had grown in many ways.

We see a family joined by love and appreciating every moment and every little thing together… and then I ask, why doesn’t the world see people with autoimmune diseases and invisible illnesses the same way?

After I watched the video and was touched by the plight of this family it occurred to me that there are no videos of family and friends doing or saying the same of their chronically ill loved ones.


If we replaced the child in this scenario with someone with MS or Lupus (or any chronic illness) would it still be acceptable?

Would anyone listen as a man said how he felt like a better person when he spent time helping his sick wife or marvel as a woman explained how seeing the world through her (autoimmune) brothers eyes had given her new insights and love? Would anyone be interested in watching such a video? … I wonder.

And then I ask why wouldn’t anyone want to see the world through the eyes of someone who fights hard and faces challenges that are so difficult, despite being unseen? Why wouldn’t anyone admire their loved ones for fighting on and facing difficult hurdles and pain? Why wouldn’t someone feel blessed knowing that despite everything their friend/ loved one goes through that they still keep doing their best to part of the world, in whatever way they can be?

It is for these reasons that I blog about autoimmune diseases and advocate for respect and dignity for sufferers… because we deserve nothing less.

Gentle hugs,


3 thoughts on “Different views

  1. I think they would watch it. We are after all over 10% of the population. What other movies have a built in 10% plus viewership? Not many.


    1. I hope so my friend. I really do.

      There aren’t many videos to be found so I can’t assume that they would…
      but I have hope that we WILL see much more of those videos and footage in MY lifetime.

      That it will be more and more acceptable and embraced ❤️❤️❤️


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