Enough Already!

Everyday my email is jammed full of inspirational stories from all corners of the world, and for every illness known, but it has always occurred to me that these daily offerings seem completely redundant and I find myself asking who is really in need of these daily inspirational servings? Who are they benefiting? And Who have they really assisted?

Stories of how someone has travelled abroad or started a new hobby or even competed internationally, despite having a chronic illness does little to inspire me. I already try and do things everyday and I would love to travel the world if I could! I don’t need inspiration I simply need the ability.

Comparing myself to someone who has more physical abilities or reliability is completely pointless and unproductive. It’s not a case of one size fits all. It isn’t a case of just add inspiration and all your problems are solved and you are capable again. It is dangerous to keep implying that it is!

I simply delete these emails and patiently await more useful information like a cure for autoimmune disease has been found, or the world has become much more educated and supportive of chronic illnesses… those are the headlines I want to read. I am sure many others do too.

Everyday that someone struggles to their feet to do anything, or lives some semblance of a life is inspirational enough in my book, we don’t need to be told to be even more inspirational or made to feel like we aren’t trying hard enough!

Almost everyone I know with chronic illness has done everything they know how to to either get better or live a life, despite the painful barriers they face. Truthfully we have no choice! We have only two choices really, we either keep trying or give up. It’s as simple as that. If you are chronically ill and are reading this than chances are you have already faced your darkest times and some of your worst nightmares. Congratulations… No more is required of you! You are an inspiration to yourself and all those who know you.

Whoever is writing these inspirational emails and sending them off to people who have enough to carry should ask themselves (and their readers) whether or not they are actually adding anything useful to the plight of the chronically ill. Instead of trying to convince sufferers to be more inspirational perhaps they could do more to show the rest of the world just how truly amazing we already are! …just a suggestion.

Gentle hugs,


One thought on “Enough Already!

  1. Oh I have a much better one than that.

    I am an early adopter of gmail so I have a simple google email no numbers. Well over the years it seems others with my chosen gmail name believe their gmail is really my gmail. There is a name for it, it is called early adopter syndrome.

    Well so today I might be:

    1. A man in Texas who drives a BMW, fly’s to Germany often and sends his wife expensive underwear. I know her size.

    2. A woman in North Carolina who is out of work and owns a Saturn automobile

    3. A man in California who works at Boeing.

    4 A woman in England who is part of a gardening club

    5. A man in Florida who is fond of adult entertainment and enjoys the Miami Dolphins football team.

    And to think I have all these identities and I did not even have to leave the house.

    The trouble is that except the man in Texas (I knwo his home address) I do not have a single way to stop it other than closing the account. Yeah sometimes life is strange.


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