Launch πŸš€


We are SO excited to add to the amazing ways we can add awareness and to raise money for research with our little charity!

Today we launch some new products and we hope that you will help support and share.

Unlike other posts and ads you read on social media this is NOT about getting rich or famous, it’s about charity and helping those who struggle every day with chronic illnesses.

# All profits will go to assisting awareness and research!!

Thank you to all those who have helped and continue to believe in us, we truly appreciate it more than we can say πŸ˜ƒπŸ’

(Background): For a long time now I looked for little ways to reach out and thank those in my life but there were no cards designed for those with chronic illnesses.


I decided to make my own and I hope that others will find them useful too when you want to thank and send some love to those in your life 🌸

More cards to come very soon!



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