Another Option.

When people talk about the attitude of those with chronic illness they tend to group us into positive attitudes or negative attitudes.

Once labeled we seem to forever struggle with these stereotypes and will often be treated differently depending on what someone chooses to label us.

For instance, if someone reads my blog, or various pieces, they may form the opinion that I am coming from a positive or negative place (especially if they are unfamiliar with my circumstances) and also assume I may be sad, whiny or difficult to be around.

I certainly don’t agree with this logic.

I can honestly say that over 99% of what I have written has been done so in a very peaceful way and in the calm hope of sharing some thoughts and insights and maybe connecting with others. I don’t want pity, fame, validation or anything. It’s simply my experiences and thoughts.

If something I write and share resonates with someone else than I am pleased. Human beings like to feel connected to others in some small way. I do too.

I don’t consider myself better than anyone or inferior to anyone sick or well. I am comfortable in my mediocrity and simple existence. I do wish, however, that I didn’t have illnesses but that is the hand that was dealt.

Life is pain and struggle and learning how to cope is a key life tool.

However I don’t like the current trend of labeling things as either positive or negative. I believe the human condition can encompass more than these two states. I like to think of myself as a realist!

My brand of realist is such that we accept that things can be good and bad. Can be positive, negative and indifferent. Things can be ok, even when they are at their most challenging, because that’s life.

I believe the current obsession towards extremes and labeling isn’t healthy. It tries to make us act in ways that we shouldn’t need to. It attempts to usurp our authenticity. It prevents us from knowing and accepting our truest selves and I don’t agree with it.

To that end I don’t believe I need to be shining beacon of inspiration and positivity for the world, someone who tries to hide my own reality in the hope that people will find me more useful and enjoyable. I feel as human beings we are able to laugh, cry, smile, grieve and love and I intend to make use of the entire spectrum of human emotions whenever necessary or appropriate to where life takes me.

There are more states of being than merely positive or negative human beings and I am glad there is!

Gentle hugs,


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