Putting Yourself Out There.

I believe this piece can easily apply to anyone these days, sick or well, and it isn’t an easy topic to tackle. But I will do my best, as always.

I find these days it is increasingly difficult for people to put themselves ‘out there’ due to the amount of people who seem to take offense and issue with every little thing we do or say.

What is happening to us as a society??

Each picture we share, each comment we make, each detail we reveal about ourselves seem to motivate people to not only form their own opinions (even if they don’t have a clue about all the facts or factors) and to direct them at you.

My husband and I discussed this in depth and he said he feels the same pressure and confusion every day now. Every single call, every single exchange and every single transaction is fraught with potential problems. He says he no longer wants to share anything with anyone anymore. It is that bad.

Friends, family, business interactions and the general public are hostile places and potentially painful experiences.

Sadly, I agree with him.

What has happened to us as a society that we feel entitled to pass judgement on each other’s every move and decisions?

My mother once told me that in order to stay sane in this world you have to be prepared to keep to yourself and let people’s comments slide off your back. Build a protective shell around yourself and be prepared to be alone for most of your life.

She lived a very isolated existence in her later years, avoiding social situations, businesses and the general public. But she was happy to plod along in her garden and on her farm, alone. She was content with fewer and fewer people in her life and I now understand why.

I didn’t want to believe her back then and what she told me about people in general, but I absolutely do now.

Things have gotten so bad that my husband and I agree that we should not share anything with anyone anymore and keep to ourselves; even more than we do already.

I can’t help feel a deep sadness that things like respect and encouragement are going and social interactions are becoming more and more like a blood sport.

The days where everyone feels entitled and empowered outweighs responsibility and compassion.

Time will tell if this way of interacting will be more peaceful, less stressful and far less disappointing for us, but I can’t help feeling sad that this is where we are at in 2018 and this is what we are forced into becoming.

Gentle hugs,


5 thoughts on “Putting Yourself Out There.

  1. Well said Trish. Unfortunately I feel the same way as I know many more people do, and it is sad. That as a community, we don’t come together with compassion and support for others but so many of us just sit back and judge.
    It’s so much easier for people these days with social media to feel they have a right to voice their opinions with the safety of anonymity but when it comes to actually stepping up, where are they?
    The only hope I have is that sometimes, and it’s very rarely will someone suprise me with their generosity and real human substance and reminds me that just maybe, there’s still a chance for change….

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    1. It was difficult to write this piece and I have been debating this for years now as I didn’t WANT to think it was happening on so many levels. Friends, loved ones, strangers etc. I wanted to always give the benefit of the doubt.
      But people have become more demanding and less “live and let live”…. it hurts to admit these things and to see my husband suffering the same.


  2. I hear you both and lived my life by it too, and also why I hid behind an alter ego for 4 years when I joined twitter and FB. I got sick of ‘chinese whispers’ and ‘rumour-ville’ a decade or so ago.

    Unfortunately, my life has become one as a patient voice so I have had to reveal myself and it has not been an easy transition at times, often left me feeling like a rabbit caught in headlights!

    Anyhoo! it’s a darn shame that you both just can’t be you and that it is making you feel this way 😦

    Sending fluffie hugs to you both 🙂

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  3. Trish, I think it is more difficult for females. I can honesty say that except for once (on twitter) I have never felt attacked for my views. However I also know many who have. I thin there are so few men in this community that somehow I have escaped. I am sorry this happened. Blessings!!

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    1. I don’t always refer to myself but I also share the experiences of my friends through our conversations.

      I agree women can use social media more as a place to attack and yet somehow still feel safe. It’s sad that the trend is more for women. But that said. I do remember my mother’s words and they have become clearer in their context. I actually believe it is helpful to keep the circle small and with my current health it is also much more healthier for me.
      How do you also be an advocate for patients and stay ‘closed’ well that is the hard part.
      That’s why I am currently asking myself “is it worth it for me? Do I help fellow sufferers or do I simply put too much stress on myself”

      To me the lure of being completely anonymous and a recluse gets stronger each year.


      Thank you for our ongoing dialogue my friend and I am glad that men don’t tend to behave in this manner. It reflects better on them 😃


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