Super Spoonie Entry 👚

I am SO moved by those of you who have written in and shared your stories in the t shirt giveaway!

I am amazed by our community out there and the wonderful way in which you have overcome obstacles and challenges.

The messages I have been receiving are just so awesome ❤️

A recent entrant for the giveaway also agreed to share their story (name withheld for privacy) and I am so honoured when you agree to share your experiences and support/encourage your fellow chronic fighters!

If you too would like the chance to have your own super t shirt. Please send in a message with your own experience of when you went through a challenging time and how you made it through! I may have to give some extra t shirts! 😘



Recent entry below.

(Shared with permission)

– – – – – – – – – – – –

This is my entry for the spoonie t-shirt competition. 🙂

I have fibromyalgia/CFS & severe depression. Just over 2 years ago I lost my job due to sudden onset of FM & was trying to juggle two girls & my abusive ex-husband. I got to the point I was in bed more than out of it. Then I got evicted because my little girl who was 9 became violent & damaged the house we were renting from my boss.

She lived downstairs from us. So job gone, house gone, up at the hospital with my daughter every weekend – and we were almost homeless. 2 days before we had to be out I found a rental for us. I couldn’t afford it mind you but it kept us off the streets. 2 years on we are in social housing & i’m still really sick. The girls are doing better – my 15 year old has a job at KFC, a traineeship & wants to be a vet nurse. My youngest at 12 is a beautiful “nerd” & wants to go to Uni. I’m still trying hard to recover – every day is a battle. But I know I’ll never give up. 🙂

Good luck to all the entrants & thanks for encouraging us spoonies to open up & share our stories. Xx

Thank you for calling me brave : that’s very kind of you & means a lot🙂:)

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