I have always found it so interesting, and quite sad, that there seems to be endless support for those who may be about to join a gym, start a learning course, take a trip, move homes or change jobs, but very little encouragement is offered to those who struggle daily with health issues.


Is it too boring? Is it annoying? Is there really such lack of understanding and empathy out there? I honestly don’t know.

If you have a chronic illness that has limited your life and you have to do your best to fight on each day you would think that it would be a very worthy reason to warrant encouragement and support! But rarely does it happen.

You seem to become invisible and inconsequential. It is little wonder that suicide rates amongst the chronically ill are so high, and growing! The statistics are heartbreaking!!

I, for one, have always enjoyed the chance to wish someone all the best and encouragement as they start a new project, celebrate an event or start a new chapter in their lives. It is an honest and sincere gesture that comes from the heart. Perhaps I am naive to think that such gestures can also be applied to many different situations and events.

Encouragement doesn’t just apply to those about to do something fun or entertaining. Encouragement doesn’t apply to those who may possibly gain money or fame from a situation. … Yet it doesn’t seem to include those with health issues or challenges. I wonder why?

It has been my experience that in order for such people to receive encouragement and empathy they must meet in private or secret groups and must seek it from total strangers … It seems so incomprehensible to me!

For example, if someone was to start a new role or announce that they are entering a relationship there can be an outpouring of support and encouragement, which is valid and warranted from ones friends and loved ones … Yet… announce that you may be trying something new in order to improve your health or that you may be struggling and the silence is deafening.

What has happened to us as a society when we constantly reward and encourage many of the superficial or happier events or achievements, yet we turn our backs on the struggles and plights of others?

What does it say about the individuals who show lack of care or consideration?

Does it really take so much extra effort or time to encourage those who struggle the most, or try the hardest, to do what others take for granted?

I wonder.

Gentle hugs,


5 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. I certainly have received encouragement. along the way. More people than I can count have stepped in to help me, care for me and love me, even when i was unlovable. It is good to pay back with interest when I can.

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    1. That’s wonderful Rick! I am so pleased. I hope that this little post might inspire others to encourage too.

      It makes all the difference doesn’t it?!
      As they say… to be loved when we are unlovable, that’s when we need it the most xx

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