2018 is just a number.

It will not explain to anyone how many times you will struggle, how many times you will cry, how many times you will want to give up. You have to believe that you are worth the fight. That the world is better off with you in it and all your beautiful complications.

2018 is just a number and it won’t guarantee you friendships and family. It won’t tell you who will stay and who is going to go. You have to believe that you will be ok whatever others decide to do or how they will act … but you are worth holding on to; Always.

2018 is just a number and won’t tell you if your health will get worse, whether you will improve or just stay the same. It is sheer chance what will happen and we have to accept those odds. Somehow. One day at a time.

2018 is just a number and doesn’t tell you how much you are loved or treasured or will be loved and treasured in the future. You will have to just believe you will be loved and deserve to be loved.

2018 is just a number and doesn’t explain to anyone what you will go through and what challenges are coming for you, but you didn’t know what was going to happen this year and somehow you survived. Somehow you made it this far. You did it!

2018 is likely to have more ups, downs, tears, smiles, pain, Facebook posts, memes, movies, music, weather, politics, waiting, humanity, but… sometimes it will have some moments of pure peace and joy. Those sometimes will have to be enough. You will have to hold on tight to them until the next one; whenever that will be.

Whatever the year holds I hope it will also bring you some love, self belief and self worth. I hope it will bring you some answers and perhaps some deeper understanding and insights of this crazy world. I hope it helps us understand a little more about ourselves and each other. Even just a little.

Whatever 2018 has in store for you, me and everyone else, may it also have hope. Hope when we need it most and hope that we can pass on to others when they need it too.

Hope, Love … and a little bit of peace.

Gentle hugs,


4 thoughts on “2018

  1. The one thing I know about 2018 is that it will be even more full of change than 2017. In fact if 2017 was the year of change then 2018 will be the year of hyper change. . I know this because over my last 60 years it has always been the same. We speed up as every year.

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