A Wish

If today finds you in pain, may you also find some small amount of peace within those 24 hours… No matter how small.

If your life feels cold and lonely may you know we are all here, all over the world, an invisible family standing beside you with arms ready to catch you.

When there are those that doubt you or ignore your struggle, please remember that their ignorance is not your story or your truth. Your worth goes much deeper than their lack of compassion.

If your body hurts so much that you feel empty and without hope, remember that your life has meaning and that you have equal importance as anyone else alive. We don’t get to choose some of our battles in life. But we can choose how we see ourselves.

When important events or days pass and you are not able to celebrate physically like you once did, celebrate emotionally. Connect with the most precious parts of you and honor yourself.

Remember that you have pushed, hurt, struggled, fought and suffered to stay part of this world and part of lives, more than almost anyone else alive does, or may ever have to, and that makes you remarkable not expendable. That makes you a fighter not a failure. That makes you amazing and not a burden.

You are a star against the darkest backdrop and times, but you shine amongst the vastness of humanity.

Gentle hugs,


One thought on “A Wish

  1. Hey that is the same thing my mom used to say to me. Well i mean minus the dark, part and well she mentioned star, and yeah she didn’t exactly say shining,,, hmm maybe that was some one else? OK, it was my own self narrative,, I mean yesterday of course.

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