Dare To Share 

This is how I shared my autoimmune struggles on my Facebook and Social Media spaces. Perhaps you can relate? ————–

There have been many times over the past decade in which I debated about sharing the realities of illness and challenges with the people in my life because years ago I worried about what reactions would be. I had some very sad and disappointing reactions in the past … but I don’t agonize anymore. 
Today I see those hardships and struggles as part of my reality and my life and so I refuse to hide or be ashamed. Ever. There are some that will always react with negativity about things like health but that says more about them than me. 
My illnesses don’t define me but they are part of who I am and what I go through every day and therefore I am just as proud of myself for what I have managed as someone might be for achieving a PB at the gym, climbing a mountain or some other act of physical and mental strength. I refuse to look down upon my battles and I am in awe of those who have grown and learned WITH me. Who have stood by me and believed in me. They are every bit as remarkable over these many years. 
Illnesses no more define my life than my career defined me or my relationships defined me but they are ALL part of who I am today. I reject the stigma that I shouldn’t ‘talk about it’ as it may not be popular or ‘pretty’. That is more an indictment of society not me. 
Those who love me and care for me will do so regardless of my health status. Regardless of my financial status or any other ‘status’. That is how I choose the people in my life today… underneath all my relationships today I look for love and respect. 
I believe I don’t have to ONLY talk about the good, the pretty and popular things in life. Although I freely share them also with those I love and call friends. It’s all life. It’s all the reality of living. 

That’s how I see it and that is how I will always share it 😃
Love always 


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