The Voice 

I was watching one of those reality talent shows where contestants compete in front of judges (Simon Cowell et al), and as they take the stage and introduce themselves they are asked about their life and their performance. Each contestant seems quite happy to share their private details and any tragedy or adversity they may have experienced. The Audience loves them for it! 

A lovely lady who had been bullied about her weight was overwhelming loved and respected when she explained herself and then went on to sing beautifully. 

Her story, her voice, her honesty is admired. 

Their hurdles made them endearing to everyone and talking about them was honored and accepted. 

I contrast this to how the chronically ill are treated! We have long been silenced by society and expected to keep our struggles and our daily challenges private or a thing of shame. Especially by those closest to us. 

How amazing it would be if those same people who would have us be quiet, those who are embarrassed by us, chose to be proud of us instead. If they chose to be respectful and cherish us for what we must endure daily and yet somehow carry on and make a meaningful life. 

We may not all decide to go on television or compete in a talent show, but that doesn’t mean we are less worthy or less valuable than those who do. 

Let’s us always respect and cherish our own voice and never be ashamed to use it when telling our story. 


Gentle hugs, 


2 thoughts on “The Voice 

  1. I wonder if they are respected before they go on TV. . . ?
    I have a feeling that the chronically ill would have that same respect if we went on TV, too. Possibly?

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    1. I can’t really answer that having not been on tv myself. I would love to see more chronically ill on tv and more awareness spread. In media and movies everywhere. The more we know the more we understand.
      If people still choose to disrespect that really says more about them

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