Charity News 

Omg we are excited!! 
For a long time now D and I have been trying to put together a charity which would help raise funds for research and support… 
It’s been a long journey and has stalled sometimes due to many different factors…
But today we had a step forward and spoke to a wonderful lady about getting some merchandise together a ready for sale. 
All profits to go to the charity! 
This is a big thing for me personally as for as long as I have been sick I have also wanted to make a difference. Do something helpful. Make a small contribution rather than just suffer on. 
The blog Autoimmunitygirl, the support groups and this charity has all been part of that plan to make a difference. 
I am so grateful for the people I have met along the way, the ‘family’ I have connected with, and the small steps that have helped make a difference for people. Good people. Amazing people. People who work hard everyday to keep pushing on. 
‘Super spoonie’ is the next step and selling the tshirts will be one way we hope to raise some funds that will go back to the community. 
Thank you Allie Bruhn for your help going forward. And if you can help support this next step by buying a tshirt or spreading the word we would be so grateful!! ❤️

Please help if you can. Every little thing means something.
“We are what we fight for and what we care about… we are what we do” – Dan Brown.

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