Blogging about Health Isn’t A Competition

Today I recieved an invitation to nominate a blogger of the year, or enter myself as a nominee. 

Whilst I don’t judge anyone who chooses to enter, I personally believe that blogging about health issues and awareness should not be a competition. 

We are all different in our diagnosis, disease activity, treatment and abilities. So how can you compare us all?

If SallyX has disease X, and can write with positivity because she can still work and/or travel, should she be deemed more popular or worthy of recognizing than BobY who has disease Y and is bedridden but still wants to spread awareness? 

If one has more followers or sponsors than the other, is that the reason they should win health blogger of the year?

I am grateful for anyone and everyone who has contributed their time and voice to try and spread information, care, awareness, understanding and support to other sufferers and abled bodied people alike! 

It takes time, dedication, pain and even expense (software, domain costs, webpages etc) to those who may be struggling the most, and so I am not in favour of singling out people to honour and hold up as a blue print for each disease or illness out there. 

Health bloggers are amazing. So is anyone who takes the time to share their journey and put themselves out there for public scrutiny and judgement. I don’t think recognition needs to be exclusive but inclusive

Unlike many other topics or areas, the topic of illness, disability, treatment, progress, physical abilities, handicaps and prognosis is not one that I believe should be a popularity competition; like beauty pageants and the like. 

If we want to make sure that people speak openly and honestly about all aspects of their illness and journey we can’t muddy the waters by making it feel like they are competing for people’s approval and recognition. 

I also want to take this chance to thank every voice and every blogger who writes openly and honestly in the pursuit of public awareness and connecting with other sufferers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and time. 

Hopefully, one day, the world will be more connected and much more enlightened thanks to the work and compassion of us all. 

Gentle hugs, 


4 thoughts on “Blogging about Health Isn’t A Competition

  1. I nominated myself 23 times from 28 different email accounts (I got tired). I believe I will win, after all, I used the same words in each nomination.

    He spok with me in trime of nod and awake all the time. He it Good, I Lub him.

    I nominated myself for best speller.

    Admit it you know I will win.

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    1. I think you are a winner! And I am grateful for all you do. Rick I don’t know that I would have come this far without people like you. Seriously. It’s a community. A real family.


      1. It is we fight together not apart. It is like doing a dissertation. The core of the effort is to add a brick to the wall, not build the whole wall of knowledge. My bricks with your bricks with 5 million little bricks build the wall or hope, individually we are no better than sand on the beach.

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