Reality Check 

Many health bloggers or chronic writers feel that in order to be acceptable they must only write about positive topics which do not always depict the real life challenges and experiences that some of us encounter. 
I have never felt the need to write in any way but openly and honestly. I hope that this is appreciated by other Chronic fighters and healthier readers alike. 
I like to believe that by being honest and open about the challenges AND the good things in life it will be much more appreciated and helpful in the end. 
I would prefer to think of my readers as amazingly REAL people, and I want to be worthy of your time and trust by writing things that will help inform and connect with each other. 
I enjoy your feedback and have learnt a lot from many different people on my journey, and I hope that this is reflected in the way I write and the topics I write about. 
Many thanks, 


One thought on “Reality Check 

  1. I also write what is on my mind. I have been told I write much to dark as well. But you know writing truth (even my dark truth) is better than writing pretend.

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