For The Record. 

OMG and here we go again! 

Another email, via my social media site, telling me how to get back my old health and life with positive mental attitude and discipline! 

I guess that people will never really break their prejudices until it happens to them! 

It does make me wonder whether writing and advocating does educate people but I am also reminded how long things really take and how slow progress really is. Consider same sex marriage for example!? 

There is nothing harder than trying to reach someone who will not be reached. 

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 

That said. I will take a moment to say that I think attitude and motivation does mean a lot in chronic situations.  It is easy to give up altogether. And understandable. Attitude will make a big difference when times are tough. And there are plenty of tough times. 

I wish that some people’s attitude towards sufferers did not make the fight harder but it also reminds me to learn to build good boundaries towards other people’s attitudes and misinformation. It is vital that the burdens we carry are not added to by the thoughts and actions of others who do not understand. 

This is often why people with chronic illnesses find their circle of friendships small and their interactions are chosen carefully. 

I, for one, can not risk having my progress and daily battles hindered by the thoughtless words and comments of people with no understanding and no knowledge of what I deal with. 

It is a sad reality that we often fight so hard for the little things and no one will ever know what that really means. 

As for motivation and attitude, if you have a chronic illness/es and are still here and doing the best you can, than you have more motivation and attitude than 90% of the rest of the world! 
Gentle hugs, 


3 thoughts on “For The Record. 

    1. It is hard reality that people don’t want to learn or understand. But that is the way of some people. And we can’t change anyone else but ourselves. Big hugs darling.


  1. Ha, I am cured. I found this one magic food that has cured me of diabetes, RA and restored my positive aura. What is this one magic food? Basil Leaves. Yes, it is true basil is the magic food. But not just any basil. Oh no if you use just any basil you could really do harm to yourself. You need to use my magic basil. I suggest you use a pound per day from my basil plant. I know if you do it will change your life.

    How do you obtain this magic basil? It is simple, send me $1,012 (US) per pound to me immediately and I will ship it to you without processing fees. Exactly how will this change your life? Well for one I will be getting rich and you will be getting poor. Nothing is more life changing than you losing everything.

    See how smart I am? LOL

    Actually, I only tease about this because I hate these fools os much. Keep your money and keep your health as well.

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