With Love 🇬🇧

I, like many people around the world, have been so terribly shocked and saddened by the pain and suffering in the U.K. This year. 

At this time of my health I have not been able to watch or hear the news as it has unfolded, but as I become aware of the many horrendous events taking place there my heart just breaks. 

Trying to take in all the pain and feelings running through the country at this time is almost impossible. 

And then it occurred to me that regardless of what event takes place in the world, or where, the feelings I feel above all others is that of love. 

I love my friends and family in the U.K. At times like this I think of them even more. They become more precious. Perhaps whenever any tragedy takes place the things we think of the most are the things we love and not the things we hate or fear? 

The truth is that tragedies will always take place at any time and anywhere around the world. They are unpredictable and shocking. We will never be able to avoid them and although we do our best to protect ourselves nothing is guaranteed. Ever. 

Whenever some event takes place on a national scale my thoughts always go to those I love, and that includes the many nameless people who are my fellow countrymen. 

We love our loved ones more and we love our countrymen more whenever adversity or tragedy comes our way. 

I can’t really explain the deep affection and respect that I felt for the U.K. from the moment I visited its beautiful shores. I was forever in awe of its stoic beauty and its people. Like a childhood friend that grows ever more treasured. 

As you go through this tragic time I hope that you know the rest of the world really does care. The rest of the world really does mourn. The rest of the world is shocked and saddened too. 

Through the centuries the U.K. has withstood many challenges and heartbreak and I hope after this awful year that you will all rise again with renewed love for each other and renewed love for your country. 

In the meantime we send you our love and sincere respect. 

Gentle hugs, 


2 thoughts on “With Love 🇬🇧

    1. Exactly. The US has had so many tragedies and share of heartbreaks but it always makes me remember those I love in the US and what I love about the US. Xxx


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