Question Time 

I dared to ask myself, and my husband, a question that has long bothered me and certainly taken a lot of my time, life and efforts. Probably too much. It’s ironic really, but I asked myself the question ‘do we ask too many questions?’

Before you read this and laugh allow me to Elucidate.  I am sure that some people ask many more questions than others, and some people, like myself, ask many more  questions about a range of topics that have eluded even greater minds than mine. But to what benefit? 

So what is the point of all this thinking and questioning? Can we be too esoteric? 

At its most positive, it has helped me navigate some difficult waters and has helped me with some important emotional development. At its worst it has caused me a lot of pain and confusion. Even causing frustration and depression sometimes. I have never suggested that Autoimmunitygirl is an expert or a font of knowledge about all things. I am learning about living with illnesses as I go, just like anyone else would have to. But…

Are there questions that should not be asked? 

For example. Humankind has long asked the question why are we here? … And they still ask. 

Today I thought about some of the times in my life when things had become very confusing and difficult, and during these crisis talks many around me where scratching their heads and asking how did we get here? It occurred to me that at some point it no longer mattered how or why and that it became more a question of what are we going to do now? 

The eternal question of why are we here has revealed thousands of ideas and possibilities that range from an act of God to the possibility that we are the result of biological accident; Perhaps caused by a mixture catastrophic events and incalculable probabilities. Whatever version you may favour, or whatever ideas may be waiting, the question still remains what do we do now? 

I find this to be far more significant and rewarding. 

For whatever reason we are here, it is likely that the most important role we could undertake while we are here is that of caretaker for the planet and each other. Especially if we are going to be here for much longer. If this thought process sounds reasonable than the next reasonable question is are we doing our best while we are here?

As a species, and despite of our different backgrounds and circumstances, do we all take the role of caretaker for the planet and each other seriously and make it our prime mission on life? 

These questions seem to have the most significance to me now and carries far more potential on what will ultimately happen.  

I believe people can spend decades asking questions and searching for answers and meaning, but it is becoming more important to me that I learn not to ask too many questions, or try and ask only the questions that will make the most difference and meaning. 

Afterall is said and done, I always believed that the most important and revealing thing about a person is not what they have done in the past, but what they do next… and I still believe this. 

I am glad to have one or two answers after all these years of questioning. 

Gentle hugs,


3 thoughts on “Question Time 

  1. You ask “So what is the point of all this thinking and questioning?”. This may be a simplistic answer but “it’s what our mind does”.

    Now I have to admit that I’ve stolen that answer! I’m doing an online course with Future Learn on Mindfulness by Monash University and Dr Richard Chambers. When he’s taking us through meditation that’s something that he reinforces so that we’re not hard on ourselves if our mind wanders from our breathing.

    But the things is, he’s right. It’s the way we’re made. It’s why we’ve evolved. And I think the more intelligent people ask more questions. What we do now and in the future is so very important.

    Doing the Mindfulness course has given me a different outlook in very subtle ways and I love it!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this topic. Yes I know that sounds ironic. Lol. I am guilty of overthinking. And sometimes I have tortured myself. I am trying to train myself about what I use my time and energy thinking about.

      I have always found myself on the outside about the things I have asked and questioned whilst so many other people seem to not spend a second thinking about so much. Sometimes I wished I was more like them.

      Yes we are investigating mindfulness too xxx


  2. What is all the point of all the thinking and questioning? I will let you know if I find out. I asked Sheryl and said to mind my own damn business. I will let you know when she tells me. As you can likely tell after 43 years, If I want to know something, I am required to ask Sheryl.

    Sheryl is less than forthcoming with her views on existential matters. Now discuss the balance in the checkbook, she has clear and loud views on those matters. LOL


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