The Compass 

“The world is not a scary and dangerous place… people are”. 
It’s not often that I start a post with such sobering words. They aren’t easy to write and they much harder to accept. 

As I watch the news this year I am shocked and horrorfied by what people can and will do to each other and to the earth. There are no depths that some will not plummet. Regardless of social status. 

It is ironic that it now seems as though the middle classes can be more moral and principled than the other ends of the scale, often for very different reasons. Yet it is rarely the rich or well off that suffer the most abuses and pain but they can leave a greater amount of damage and affect on the world at large. 

But perhaps I digress… 

We are now a long way from the peace rallies of the 60s and the Live Aid of the 80s. So where are we now? Can we possibly comprehend anymore? 

As we have become more globalized and connected we can no longer claim ignorance to the pain and suffering going on around the globe and the damage we are inflicting on the earth. 

I am reminded of a quote that always comes to mind during times of confusion and chaos; which says 

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

It still feels true, even today. 

Greed, curruption, terror and environmental damage becomes normal and acceptable only when people no longer challenge it. When good people let it happen. 

Keeping a strong moral compass is as simple as remembering the right things to do, the kind things to say, the love and respect we deserve and the love and respect we must contine to show. Show to everyone. 

Remembering to value the earth and those who are in our lives. It begins in our homes and we carry it through to our grave. 

Just as explorers like Columbus, Magellan and Cook navigated the globe with the use of their sturdy compass and instruments, we can all find our way through difficult times and rough waters with the aid of a strong moral compass and a resilient heart. 

Even as someone who may have health challenges and disabilities, we can still vote, we can still join together to support those causes and those principles that will do the most good and benefit our loved ones and this precious planet. The ideals and causes that are bigger than one person. 

When we allow someone else to think for us, to scare us, to intimidate us, to exploit us and to make decisions which jeopardize such precious and fragile things, all precious and fragile things, then I believe we will collectively lose our way and we will have to be present for the slow erosion and demolition of all that is wonderful about this planet and all the living things upon it. 

In times of pain, disappointment, anger and loss, I suggest us all to stay steadfast and ever more devoted to our ideals and principles. Hold each other closely and show the best of our humanity and hopes. 

Gentle hugs, 


3 thoughts on “The Compass 

  1. I can remember when uni students used to organise rallies against whatever they found to be unjust, but no longer. Why? I have no idea because the time I’m talking about was when it was only the well-off people could afford to go to uni and you would think it would be the less well-off who would have more to protest about. Perhaps social media is the preferred method of protest now?

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    1. I hope it’s not because people have stopped thinking for themselves and letting social media and various others ‘think’ for them and tell them what to believe/do.

      I hope complacency has overtaken all things and celebrity is the new rally and movement.


  2. I am still organized against the things I dislike. However, in my place, I am a movement of one most of the time. Last time I marched I stopped a hot wheels car. my next act of rebellion, neighborhood naked day. Now that will stop some traffic.

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