My Dream

I searched for the type of love that can reach across the continents, 

Hear words that are never spoken,

And has a strength that can reach inside a burning star. 
I ached for a love that speaks all languages and has a music that can sooth a broken heart or deepest despair,

And can crush everything in its path, 

But chooses to flow like water between the rocks, 

navigating fear and pain effortlessly. 
I burned for a love that has no past but keeps creating itself with every new day and in every new dream

and with each kiss. 
I yearned for the type of love that makes you both strong and weak in its presence; That promises everything but guarantees nothing more the touch of flesh 

and the hope to go on. 
I dreamed of a love that is endless and yet shines in the darkest times like the constellations, 

with wonder and no limits, 

To travel through this world and to discover new places. 

I wanted all this. 
And so did you. 

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