You don’t marry the person that never hurts you but the person who stays to help clean up the pain for as long as it takes. 
You don’t marry the person that is easy to be with, only to live as two friends and nothing deeper. You marry the person that you can’t live without. That you can’t stop thinking about and feeling them moving inside you. 
You don’t marry the person that offers you wealth and comforts so you have nice trinkets and a fat bank account. You marry the person that offers you room to grow and things to work on. 
You don’t marry someone because it’s your time. It’s your duty. Because your scared of losing your chance. Because all your friends are married. You marry someone because your heart is ready for challenges you can’t possibly imagine and a journey with no destination. You’re ready to let go control of your heart to the person who wants to protect it with their life. 
You don’t marry someone with a plan of what to do if it doesn’t go your way or when it gets hard. With an exit strategy. You marry someone by diving into the unknown with your entire being, so you must fight for it, knowing there are no safety nets but the ones you make together. 
Marriage is not about vows and words, but actions and feelings. 
It’s not about gifts or titles, it’s about promises and dreams. 
It’s an invisible connection binding your hearts and directing you like a compass, with the strength of an orbiting planet. An unstoppable force. 
Marriage is the fertile ground where everything grows and flourishes and where beauty is everywhere, even in the darkness. 
It’s a smell that can’t be bottled. A feeling that can’t be explained. A place that can’t be found on a map. It’s an unbearable pain and unspeakable beauty. 
Marriage is more than love. Love is only an ingredient. A mere sound in the opera. A colour in an endless colour pallets …
but love is the spark. 

The beginning. 

The smell before the rain. 

The first leaf of Autumn. 

The belief. 

The hope. 

The reason. 
… Until death do us part

One thought on “Marriage 

  1. of course, you might also marry them because their brother threatened them.

    Ok, that is why Sheryl married me I am sure of it. After all why else would she do something like that?


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