Words Don’t Come Easily… #respect #coping #connection

I am a member of several health and support groups and I have to say that some of the stories and experiences we share are truly heartbreaking. Nowhere have I seen pure humanity at work than between those who share health struggles and battles together. 

Words can barely describe the ways people are suffering out there and how much their lives have been torn apart and changed forever. 

It is so hard to take at times. 

I see people struggling with pain and rejection. People driven out of work and out of homes for things we didn’t deserve or ask for. 

I find I can’t spend too much time in these groups without feeling such empathy and pain, so I dip in and out and hope that a few well placed words and thoughts will go towards somehow helping. That is my hope anyway. 

I also think that as painful as it is for me to be amongst these sufferers, fighting similar battles and hurting in similar ways, it must be hard too for our significant others to watch us wrestle with these demons. In a strange way I am glad this has happened to me and not to my partner. I think it would break me emotionally. 

Before being in this place, and back in healthier times, I could never have imagined the plight of the chronically ill. 

Chronically Ill seems such a collective term given for a multitude of illnesses and diseases ranging in severity and disability. 

I think this is the common misconception of many healthier people, that chronically ill simply describes grandma’s sore hip or uncles bad back and occasionally a friends diabetes or depression. But it isn’t until you open the door and see what truly lies within these labels that you see how deep and painful it gets. It can be shocking!

Today I read the story of a beautiful young lady [23] who has battled trigeminal neuralgia every day since the age of 18. Her tears and pain were palpable. She wanted to give up.  

Whilst I experience flares of TN lasting up to 6 weeks or so, I know what a sheer hell it can be. It’s called the suicide disease because it drives many to suicide, but I feel lucky I only have it in flares! 

But this is just one disease or illness. Many of us have several…

You can’t possibly know or describe the suffering lurking behind these illnesses unless you have been there yourself. Unless you have walked in the person’s shoes. 

I have so much respect and admiration for people and things that I never even knew existed before. It’s why I keep doing what I do and trying to help however I can. 

I hope that my blog and my words are helping in some small way but, truly, sometimes words just don’t come easily… 

gentle hugs, 


3 thoughts on “Words Don’t Come Easily… #respect #coping #connection

  1. I wish chronic illness did describe my grandma’s hip. Grandma always had sore hips until my mom became overwhelmingly ill. It was then that grandma stopped talking about it. I asked once how is your hip grandma? Her response, in comparison to what you mom faces, I have the hip of a 15 year old. I loved that about grandma.

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