On The Flip Side 

We are all familiar with YouTube videos of blind people painting or people with prosthetic limbs dancing or running. 

The world is obsessed with singling out people who have achieved something special through adversity and then holding them up in a bid to get all sick or disabled people to follow suit. 


No matter who we are or what has happened to us, aren’t we all allowed  to be different? 

How we deal with life’s ups and downs is our own personal journey and we shouldn’t feel the need to compete and compare. 

If we started featuring people without disabilities or health issues who can’t dance or don’t even try to dance with their fully functioning limbs, in a bid to make them feel less valuable it would not be welcomed. 

If the ill and disabled community started putting up memes about average people not doing anything inspiring and then writing “Be thankful you aren’t this person” the backlash would be enormous and not kind. 

I believe that our expectations of people and life could benefit from a lot more reality and a lot less judgements. Adjusting our understanding to suit the individual, instead of the other way around. 

In the end, regardless of whether you are sick, disabled, well or otherwise, surely we all want to be accepted for ourselves. Our true selves. 

Gentle hugs, 


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