Marching On… 

March is always a big month in my life and it always goes by so quickly! 

Yes we deliberately try not to plan or scheduled too much as there are many things that already take up a lot of emotions and energy this month! 

This month will be the 10th anniversary of losing my mother to cancer; Which sadly happened approximately a week before her birthday in March. 

It was my father in laws birthday, before he too passed away to Cancer. And this year is the 9th anniversary of the start of my health decline and eventual medical disabilities. 

Not to forget it is also the month dedicated to raising awareness for Autoimmune Diseases

I take this opportunity very seriously and always do my best to ask people to spread awareness and to reach out to sufferers at this time with messages of support and encouragement. 

I like to think that in the last decade awareness levels have improved and that sufferers are slowly coming out and feeling a new sense of dignity and strength. 

It is a cause that is both very dear and very personal to me, not merely because I am an autoimmune sufferer myself, but I also adore so many fellow fighters and I feel a painful privilege to have met many wonderful people through my own battles. 

March is also the month of my birthday and although the way that I celebrate has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, I still feel each birthday is a chance to take pride in having made it through another year. 

We will celebrate quietly and in our beloved garden but it will be special in its own way. 

Many years ago I used to make a birthday wish that whatever happens in the future that I will be able to cope and be able to change and grow from each new experience. Life has always granted me this wish but always at a price and always in the most unexpected ways. 

It’s coincidence that March is my birthday AND Autoimmune Awareness Month, but if I can ask for one birthday wish then may I ask that you share awareness in whatever small way possible. 

Gentle hugs, 


2 thoughts on “Marching On… 

    1. Thank you my friend. However I can say from Australia that you are wonderful. Thoughts to you and Sheryl AND thank you for all you do to spread awareness of Autoimmune Diseases x


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