It’s Not Flare! 

Recently, after months of little to no sleep, I relented and decided to get my joints injected with corticosteroids again. 

I try not to overuse this method because I am aware that every time I use it the benefits may decrease and I am never really sure if there will be any benefit at all. 

Over the past five years I have had quite a few of these injections and I have had a multitude of results that don’t really have any particular pattern or predictor. 

Results can vary, and at best I may have a week or more of discomfort after the injection, and then an maybe an easing of the original pain. For how long? Again, results will vary. 

At worst, I experience months of terrible post-injection pain, and NO real improvement to the original complaint. 

Bruising can also be added to the equation. I have had large bruises cover my hips and hands from the injecting needles, which can take me weeks or months to go down. 

Recently my Rheumy requested that I have another 5 joints injected, including my finger which has developed a painful nodule at the end joint. 

Ideally the injections are administered over several visits. However on this day Dr M (injecting doctor) saw me and noted the pained and tired state that I was in so he suggested injecting three of the major joints. I agreed. 

A decision I now wish I hadn’t made. 

Almost a week since the injections and the after effects have been excruciating. 

I sleep no longer than an hour at a time, if at all. 

My arm and hip are almost immovable. I am taking the most amount of pain relief that I dare with almost no relief to show for it. 

This is the worst reaction to date. 

It is always assumed that autoimmunes need only take a few meds, do some gentle excercise and eat well and they will be fine… Anything short of this must be the fault of the sufferer. But I don’t agree. 

As I sit here, sleep deprived and experiencing pain levels akin to kidney stones or a burst appendix, I am reminded of why I took the injections in the first place. Ironically, it was the hope that I would feel better. 

So for now I am doing what I can and trying to manage each painful moment. Napping when I can. Waiting.

Gentle hugs, 


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Flare! 

  1. I was going to like your blog but realized that might seem callous. When I get cortisone injections my blood sugar goes hog wild (Indiana speak for the bacon is being prepared). When that happens Sheryl threatens me. With what you ask? With the cast iron pan she uses for the bacon mostly.

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    1. Bless. Yes steroids are my devils pills too my friend. The SE are awful and I really have to be desperate to get injections or so pred burst.

      However I have been on a minimum daily dose for nearly 10 years so I will never come off 😞

      Sending love to you and Sheryl xxx love her cast iron pan 😃😆


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