The Adventurers …

Recently my husband and I went to see the movie Passengers together. 

We were pleased to have an outing together and even more pleased by the special effects and storyline. 

Sometimes movies can make you think critically, and this one certainly made me ponder several things afterwards. 

The movie centers around a couple who, through no fault of their own, are destined to spend their lives in isolation together, traveling through space, without no one ever knowing what they are going through and what they have survived together. 

The central character describes the journey as an adventure and they take comfort and reassurance in the fact that they have spent their lives together, hurtling through space and time. Living in perpetual wonder and with love. 

The similarities were immediatly striking and numerous. 

Firstly I considered the term adventure

Adventure usually describes an unusual experience or event. I think what has happened to our life together has been completely unusual and certainly not how either of us had planned. 

I also realize that not all adventures are always fun and not all adventures end in recognition or reward. Some even end tragically. But they are still technically adventures nonetheless. 

Many times our life with chronic illness and health challenges has felt isolated, unusual, strange and unsure, like the characters in this movie. 

However the couple in the movie make a peace with their lives and their destiny and make the most of the situation at hand. 

I think that is exactly what we have chosen to do and what we continue to do, daily. 

Even though we may not be hurtling through deep space we still feel a great deal of disconnection from the world at large who are still plugged into the everyday minutia of life and firmly focused on the world around them. I.e. Holidays, jobs, careers, success, recreations, media, advertising etc 

We are, by comparison, on our own adventure which few may ever understand and we know that it seems foreign to many regular couples. 

It is almost like another universe here for us where we must contend with things that most couples have not had to face. 

I believe that this life we have here truly is our adventure and even though we will not reach another world, or earn fame for our struggles and unusual events, we still feel proud and grateful that we are on this adventure together and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. 

Gentle hugs, 


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