The Power Of Try … 

Isnt it strange how life never turns out as you expected when you were young. 


We don’t expect to NOT get the job of our dreams, or not be with the person we thought we would marry, or not have the hair we always dreamed about or … wind up having life long health issues. 

However these things are the stuff that life is truly made up of. 

So why does it seem so unnatural and unfair when they happen? 

Did I miss something on the way? 

Sometimes I felt like I must have missed the day they taught that we don’t always get everything we work so hard for and no matter how much you might want a thing, you may not get it. 

Despite what all the ads and posters say. 

When things don’t go to plan, which is quite often, we have no choice but to accept it and keep going. 

So where is the meaning? What is the lesson? 

I have come to believe that there is a real power in knowing I tried. 

Yes, try is the word here. 

I disagree with Yoda here. Yoda didn’t live in the real world and it appeared that all his ideas and battles didn’t go to plan either! 

I, personally, find something very rewarding about trying. And I sleep better at night in the knowledge that I tried. 

Knowing that I have tried my best is becoming extremely rewarding to me personally. Although I don’t have the energy and ability to focus on all things and everyone, I am learning how to apportion those efforts towards those that love me and appreciate me for trying. 

I no longer see things in black and white I.e. “If I was good enough I would have done ….” or “if [he/she] loved me they would do …” 

now I tell myself that as long as there is evidence of trying, that will be enough for me. 

I may not be completely there yet, but I am trying. 

Gentle hugs, 


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