Like A Ship On Angry Seas…

As a writer I write about my own thoughts and experiences. 

I can only write about MY thoughts and MY experiences as that is just pure logic. 

I am not looking for public approval or running for election, therefore how others will respond and the way they respond does not mean I must mirror them and ask for or seek their validation. 

Blogging for me is not a popularity contest or a measure of my worth. It is simply me documenting MY thoughts, feelings and experiences. 

I appreciate all those who reach a place and stage in their lives where they are confident enough in themselves that they can speak from their hearts and I feel lucky that I have approached that place myself. Finally. After all these years. 

I used to want to please everyone and make everyone happy, but life has taught me that this is a thankless and endless job. Therefore, at this point in my life I can come out finally as myself. With all its good and bad points. I feel wonderfully human in that respect. 

I don’t see others as having any more or less value than me, therefore I don’t see their opinions OF me as the final authority on my true value. 

In almost everything we do, we write, we say or we feel, there will ALWAYS be people who think, believe or feel the opposite (and many shades in between). How we treat people’s differing opinions shows our respect, manners and character. 

The first time that someone disagreed with my writing was a difficult hurdle. The first time I was attacked was a very emotional time. Deeply upsetting. But now, I feel I have weathered some storms and have come out the stronger for it! 

Like a ship that has navigated some angry seas!

Emotional growth can often take difficult times and painful experiences. Sadly. 

At the end of the day I must live with me and I am the one who must truly accept me. I am proud of the steps, no strides, I have made since I started writing. 

I am thankful to all those who have helped me build up my emotional strength, either through their support or their attacks. 

If writing has done nothing else but made me more comfortable with who I am today, then it has been worth every second! 

Gentle hugs, 


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