What I Am Struggling To Say… 

As I sit here on my oxygen machine and gripping my computer for dear life, I am struggling to write the words that are welling up inside. I am scared to admit it and see the words staring back off the page. 


Because no one wants to hear these words at a time of celebration and festivities… but the truth is I am scared. 

It’s New Year’s Eve and I will be at home again. Sick still. And in pain still. 

Truthfully, I don’t feel like celebrating but I feel the heavy burden of believing that I should try to celebrate with the rest of the world, or risk being left out again. 

So many celebrations come and go in a year but it is like a blur to me most of the time. And rarely am I in any condition to actually enjoy them. 

It feels like it’s prom night and I am the only one without a date; only it’s all the time. 

I am scared because in this past year things have worsened. I am clinging on to the bed because my sense of balance is gone and it makes me feel like I am continually falling and spinning. All the time. 

How long will it last? I never know. But one day is bad enough and it’s been almost 2 months now. 

I am scared because I don’t know how much I should and can tell people about my illnesses. I don’t know how they are likely to react. I feel like I may waste my precious time trying to explain when it is simply inconveniencing the other person.  

I am scared that I will run out of meds to help me through this pain and struggle. That they will slowly run out of their ability to help at all. 

I am scared that next year will mean being poked and prodded more to see how far things have progressed and what can/should be done next. 

I am scared some well meaning person will tell me to keep my chin up and tell me to keep hoping that I will get better… It has become more than a little tiresome and boring. 

I am scared that I won’t have any fun pics to put on Facebook to show my friends that I am trying to have fun and some sort of life… hubby is already telling me I shouldn’t bother pushing myself just to get a picture that will only serve to put me in more pain and exhaust myself further. 

I am scared that I won’t be able to blog as much as I used to; even though it has helped me with my thoughts and emotions. But my tremor, joint pain and spasticity are getting worse, making it hard to type for long. 

I am scared that life is passing me by and one day I will wake to find its gone. 

I am scared it will be another year of endless Netflix and movie repeats. 

I am scared. And there is no amount of positivity porn that can make it go away. 

So I will rest and see what tomorrow brings. That’s all it seems that I can do. 

Gentle hugs. 


5 thoughts on “What I Am Struggling To Say… 

  1. I hear you Trish. I relate on every level to this post. I too am hoping tomorrow will be a better day, just as I have for the past 365 days & the 365 days before them. Being scared is an honest & raw emotion & I too feel scared. You are definitely not alone & those of us who follow your blog will always be here to listen & understand. Sending love & best wishes for a New Year full of lovely surprises along the way xx

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  2. I am scared as well. Scared, your year will not be better, scared I will not be as good a friend as I need, and scared I will not be as healthy next year as I am this.

    I am thinking scared is a good motivation to be gentle. You have that in spades, my friend.

    Happy New Year from Indiana, USA

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