Autoimmune Christmas 

– Autoimmune Christmas – 
Every year, I dream the same 

For holidays with no more pain. 
To walk, to dance, and party too

Just the way I used to do. 
But now each year comes and goes,

And what will happen; no one knows. 
For people who are sick like me, 

We will never know what will be. 
We have to celebrate little things, 

The little pleasures a moment brings. 
While all around the world there seems 

To be holiday cheers and tinsel dreams.  


I have only one wish that I will wish again, 

May the ones I love never know THIS pain. 


5 thoughts on “Autoimmune Christmas 

  1. Happy moments of Christmas Trish to you & your husband. We too will be enjoying the “little pleasures that moments bring” over the Christmas period. So beautifully put xx

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  2. Indeed Merry Christmas from snowy (not as much as your picture yet) Indiana USA. Sheryl and I wish you and your husband a wonderful Christmas.

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