What It Takes…

It takes a special heart to keep going after it’s been broken. 
It takes a special set of eyes that keeps looking for some good after each terrible event. 
It takes a special mouth that keeps trying to speak kind words, even when you haven’t heard them yourself. 
It takes a special back that keeps carrying the burdens that you didn’t deserve, or the people who wouldn’t carry you. 
It takes a special set of hands that keeps trying to ease the pain of others, even when the pain inside them is indescribable. 
It takes a special spirit to keep going, even when the world doesn’t value your struggle or see your worth. 
But there are few people who have the ability and experience to recognize these amazing people. 
And many won’t want to see until it’s too late. 
That’s why it’s so important to see it in yourself and cherish it; even if no one else ever does. 
Gentle hugs, 


One thought on “What It Takes…

  1. Wow, that is so true. Few people (me for instance) has the experience and vision to identify great people or even discern the average from the worst. Or as my dad used to say don’t judge a man by his face, lest you are judged by yours. Yeah, I sure do not want that.

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