It’s The Little Things… #life #chronic #autoimmune #invisibleillness 

Today as I sat in my chair watering my garden, for a moment I felt like I was before illness took over. For a moment… They always say It’s the little things! 

As the water started pooling and running back down the garden and onto the driveway the moving water started making me feel dizzy, as though I would fall; even though I was sitting in my chair. It was awful. 

The gentle movement of the water as it pooled at my feet was enough to spark my body to feel awful vertigo, the type that doesn’t pass quickly and doesn’t improve if you close your eyes. 

I remembered a time when this wasn’t how my body worked. I remember a time where watering plants was a peaceful and easy thing to do. 

There isn’t a day or a simple act that doesn’t remind me of the past and the little things that I used to be able to do. 

But… It’s the little things that always remind us of the big things. 

Gentle hugs, 


2 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things… #life #chronic #autoimmune #invisibleillness 

  1. Trish, Tuesday night the Canadian immigration website crashed because so many of Americans were thinking of better places to live. I thought of Australia, but after this post, I may come move in with you . We can water together

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