Hallmark Stories – 

Growing up in the age of soap operas, sitcoms, tv, hallmark cards and movies, we were weened on what writers believed life and living should look like. 

Lives seemed to revolve around dating, graduating, marriage, children, careers and maybe the odd break up and death. Very formulaic. 

However what if you didn’t happen to get married, you never had children and you couldn’t continue in your career due to illness? Not many movies, cards or tv shows depict a wider range of life experiences or events … 

If you fall outside the ‘standard’ than what are our lives still worth? What level of understanding and acceptance can you expect to recieve?

In 2016 we are travelling down some very unchartered waters socially. Some issues that have been arising have been long surpressed and overlooked on a social scale but are slowly gathering momentum and thought. What will happen still remains unknown but change seems likely. 

However Hallmark still don’t have cards for those who never got married, never have children, aren’t religious and have a chronic illness; to name a few.These things aren’t truly recognized and have NEVER been validated or discussed. 

However social media is buzzing with the voices of the many millions who are unwed, single, divorced, same sex couples, childless, athiest and  chronically ill. 

It raises the question that perhaps it’s about time the world, the REAL world caught up with the REAL storylines and not just some Hollywood/Disney version of reality. 

Gentle hugs, 


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