The Perfect Patient 

Today I was discussing with my husband the type of person that would most likely cope with a lifelong chronic illness with the greatest of ease… 

Here were some of our thoughts and suggestions. 

They would benefit from being …

1. Someone very used to their own company and spending lots of time alone. 

2. Someone extremely confident in themselves and needing very little outside validation or encouragement. 

3. A true introvert, with little need for interaction and social engagements. 

4. A highly independent person that is used to having to do for themselves and not be disappointed if no one will offer help or assistance. 

5. A very self aware person who knows that their inner value is more important than their physical abilities, and that can stand up to ignorance and cruel remarks. 

6. A deeply content person who has no need to achieve any particular milestone or goal at any given time in their lives. Happy to just take one day at a time and ‘float’ along where the currents of their illness make take them. 

7. Someone with a well developed sense of humor and able to laugh at themselves and the challenges of life. And also be able to laugh in the face of disappointment. 

8. Someone flexible, resilient, adaptable and positive. And be able to display all these qualities at any given time. 

9. Someone able to advocate strongly for themselves in the face of doubt, disbelief, neglect and during crippling boughts of pain. Able to stand up to doctors, specialists, family and friends and always believe in yourself and that you are worthy of the care and respect. 

10. A fighter. Someone who can fight for every moment, every breath, every day, every movement and every opportunity for happiness and peace. And do it forever. 

11. Someone who is prepared to live alone if no one will show them the love and respect they deserve…Even if that means having a nurse or carer (stranger) in times of need. 

12. Someone with the financial capacity to care for themselves, especially if you don’t meet the changing social security requirements and pressures. 

13. Someone able to love themselves and give themselves all the the love and care that others may never want to give them. 

14. Someone that expects nothing from the world and realises that life can be unfair. 

15. Someone who will try any and all medications, diets, lifestyle changes, advice, suggestions and recommendations and never feel disappointed if they don’t work. Always appear gracious and courteous for every opinion and comment about your life and your health. 

16. Someone who realises that just because you don’t deserve an illness doesn’t mean you won’t get one. Life doesn’t work that way. 

17. Someone who will be able to recover easily from the comments and criticisms from fellow sufferers and be able to take it all in your stride. Never feeling hurt or betrayed. 

18. Someone who makes themselves available to any doctors appointment times and any test that comes along. Putting aside your own pain and limitations to work in with them. 

I personally have NEVER met such a person, and even seen these qualities in a completely healthy person, yet ironically the world requires this of the chronically ill and can be harsh and judgemental of those who fail to meet all these requirements. 

We are all human, and it would be wonderful if we remembered that a little more as we face the challenges of life and when we encounter people facing some of the most difficult of circumstances; including ourselves. 

Gentle hugs. 


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Patient 

  1. I must be all of those things, let me ask my wife.

    ahh on review, I seem to fail on 17 of 18 items. Well, that is why we are married, so I can be reminded of reality. A man needs to hear his wife’s truth I am told.

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