A Life Lived – 

Many months after my mother died I came to realise that despite all the pain, the cancer, the shock and the sadness, she was still very much a case of a ‘life lived’… 

She had lived her life and was true to herself and her passions. She had accepted all her past and had made a life out of what life had handed and what her heart truly enjoyed. 

A life lived. 

When I look around at all those I have met in my life, what underlines us all is that we must all live our lives as well as we can, no matter what comes our way. 

As human beings we have very little choice in the manner that we come into this life. We don’t get to choose our parents, our siblings, our relatives or our homes. From that moment we arrive we are learning how to cope and make the most of whatever we have and whatever life hands us. 

No two lives are ever the same and although we may share many common experiences, we are still unique in this world. Whatever happens in our lifetime we are always a life lived. 

Our passions, our loves, our interests and our experiences all reside at the center of our being. Our bodies are merely the vessels and receptacles for all our lifes work and dreams. No matter what happens it must be a life lived. 

As we read about the lives and the fates of people around the world and those who have faced pain, loss and events that few may comprehend, we are all merely human beings living the life that has been given us. For better or worse. 

I find this very comforting when I feel lost in the challenges that I may be facing and questioning what purpose and meaning my life may have.  It seems more fair to me when I think that all lives are a mixture of chance, choices and constant change. 

When I compare the lives of a scientist who might be researching in Africa and that of a young mother raising a child in Brazil, they are each doing what they can with their lives and living the only lives they will have. And at the end of it, it will still be a life lived. No matter what happens in between their birth and their final end. 

Sometimes the plans and hopes we may have for these lives can be changed forever and in an instant. But it is still the only life we will have. The only thing we can truly call our own. 

When I look through history I am reminded of the countless lives that have gone before us with no control or assurance of how their lives would unfold. Neither the greatest names in history or the humblest unmarked graves would ever know the manner of their deaths or the hand that would be dealt them. It is perhaps the most common human trait of us all; the unknown

It is somewhat ironic then that it is when we feel in control and in command of our lives that something will happen to remind us that we are not. We can never take anything about this life for granted. Nor allow ourselves to think we are superior to another life by virtue of our current circumstances. 

I would never have dreamed this life and where it has taken me. What I have seen and what I have felt. When I look at those around me and those I know and love, I am reminded that they too don’t know what awaits them around the corner. 

We hope it’s not pain, or suffering, or misfortune but these things could happen to anyone of us at any second. Just as something pleasant or fulfilling may be a moment away. Yet  we sleep, we eat, we breath, we dream and we do what we can from day to day. Despite the odds and chances of whatever lays ahead. 

To those who must bare the burden of pain and hardship caused by ill health, it is not an easy reality that we face and there are so many times I have wished that it wasn’t my reality. I would gladly trade illness for some other challenge in life, but that wasn’t to be my odds or my path. 

I didn’t get blue eyes, I wasn’t born left handed. I didn’t grow up in a chalet in France and I happen to be one of many millions of people who contracted a life long illness. 

Despite all these things I still have my one and only life. Just as precious as yours. And just as worthy as the next persons.  

Who will love me, who will meet me, who will value me and who will remember me are things that I may not have a lot of control over… But… How I love me, who I remember and how I live out the remaining years will be down to me and the great unknown. 

I still intend it to be a life lived. 

Gentle hugs, 


2 thoughts on “A Life Lived – 

  1. I loved this post. Such a good reminder that we are all battling something and that we still must face life and live it to the fullest that we know how or our bodies allow us. Have a blessed day.

    Liked by 1 person

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