The D Word – 

Since I first became ill I have tried so many things in a bid to get better… It boggles the mind! 

I tried (and still eat) gluten free, although I tested negative for celiac disease. After 8 years I feel like it made me at least eat healthier alternatives like rice and vegetables. 

Did it cure me? No. 

I cut out dairy after informing my doctor that I noticed a possible link with some of my stomach pains and sinus issues. I drink and eat mostly soya products and nut butters. They are also lower in some ‘bad’ fats so I figured it wasn’t going to hurt me either.  My doctor continues to monitor my cholesterol and calcium levels. 

Did it cure me? No. 

I had stopped smoking and drinking for nearly 10 years now. Everyone agrees on the harmful affects of smoking but I noticed alcohol was causing pain to my stomach as well. I still don’t know why, but my stomach would bloat up and I would experience terrible cramps. So I stopped. However, most things caused pain to my stomach. 

As I am also taking MTX (low dose chemotherapy) it makes sense not to burden my liver more than it is going through. 

Did it cure me? No. 

I take daily supplements of vitamin D, iron, calcium, fish oil, folic acid, mega vitamins, magnesium, turmeric, coQ10. I also have regular B12 injections. 

Since becoming ill I have tried at least a thousand different supplements and brands! All suggestions. All found on the Internet. All supposed to be life saving and life changing. 

Did it cure me? No. 

I also wonder that if changing your diet ‘cured’ a disease, was it truly a disease or a food allergy in the first place? 

There have been times when I have been reduced to electrolytes and protien drinks as it was all my system could tolerate without pain and suffering. 

Did it cure me? No. 

Have any of these improved my disease activity scale and my overall control of my symptoms? No. 

But like many of you I HAD to try and I will always believe that eating as healthily as my body will allow me will always make sense. 

My diets has changed from Paleo to FODMAP… And beyond!! 

Have they cured me? No. 

Do they help? I hope so. 

What really hurts the most is that people who think I don’t try to get better! I look at them with a mixture of sadness and disbelief. The sheer absurdity of it! 

With a background in project management I took on my own health battle with the same attention to detail and willingness to resolve my own health problems. Afterall, I successfully completed projects all over the world! Surely I could fix This! 

Have I cured myself? No. 

Despite all the years, all the tears, and all the fads that have come and gone – I drank spiralina and aloe Vera juice daily for gods sake! – Surely it shows how far I was willing to go. No. How far I AM willing to go. 

Despite the fact that there is still no cure for diabetes, cancer or the common cold, people are only too willing to play the blame game on the chronically ill. As though we don’t want to get better or are the cause of our own illnesses. 

It’s little wonder why so many of us live as reclusive as possible; outside the scorn and ignorance of so many people. 

I, personally, am glad that I have tried all these different methods, and still try to live as healthily as possible.  I can hold my head proudly and say “I tried!”  For my own sake. Not just to please others. 

As well as continuing to push myself with exercising (as much as possible), stretching (excruciatingly difficult) and using as minimal pain Meds as humanly possible… I am proud of how I have attempted to battle on and also do some soul searching and psychological healing in the meantime. My husband is a former fitness trainer so he has always found a program to meet my range and does not let me forget to keep moving as much as possible… As if I would forget!! We both keep plodding away and never giving up. 

Just like a jig saw piece is a small part of the bigger picture, I believe that eating as healthily as you can is a PART of the overall picture to managing chronic illness…

Do I thinks it’s the cure? No. 

I eat better than most healthy people I know…When I can eat! And I behave better than most healthy people I know, by not judging what I don’t know and what I haven’t experienced. 

Experience is a great teacher and I hope that one day we can restore the respect and pride that we may have lost on this life long battle, by joining together and advocating for each other. 

Gentle hugs. 


4 thoughts on “The D Word – 

  1. I can relate to your “trying” as many remedies in the hope that the pain and suffering would rack off for good!
    I have tried Herbalife, Aloe Vera, Mangosteen juice, Gluten free, Carb free, high protein & vegie only patterns of eating & then I decided to eat “exactly what I feel like eating”. I don’t think any of the above helped my joint pains, may have made me feel psychologically better but certainly not physically.

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    1. Yes I do realize we are all different but nothing I tried cured me… I just decided to try to eat as healthy as I could. Sending you all the best wishes and I hope each day is kind


  2. Have you tried Okra, Coconut skin, Tobacco leaf, Grass seed smoothies? I did and I have terrific news. It did not cure me, so the good news is you do not need to try it. My next one is tequila. Will it cure me? Oh hell no, but I am willing to try a gallon or two a day just to make sure.


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