The Castle – 

Although I move about each day 

inside these Walls of pain 

There is a garden in here. 

With Amazing and rare blooms. 

Following the sunshine and with deep roots. 

Nourished by my tears 

And fed with my dreams 

And beyond the reach of the dark 

And coldness. 

A specter of color and heavenly fragrances. 

No one knows what waits behind these walls

And fewer will ever feel the soft breezes 

That blows through the halls. 

The magical scenes that can fill the eyes and soul.

Memories and laughter stored like chests of gold. 
It is my realm. 

I alone must rule  

I hold this castle and my flag flies high 

It proves that I have not surrendered. 

I am undefeated. 
Some may occasionally pass 

And sometimes stop and attempt to cast 

Arrows and spears within the walls 

But none so sharp that will make me fall

Or surrender all that I have and protect 

Although these walls are made with hot thorns and viney pain 

They are walls that I can know well 

These walls that keep me inside 

Like flesh and bones so softly hide 
Today I looked beyond these walls and 

Remember landscapes long ago 

Everywhere there are castles, 

Some like mine

That only the brave and strong shall climb. 
For those who dare to breech these walls 

They share my riches and share it all 

For no one else will ever see

Behind these walls and inside of me. 
Drink deep my dearest. 

My precious friend. 

See this garden so loved and true. 

It will always grow and be waiting here

Inside these walls; only for me and you. 

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