You Have To Be Positive… #attitude #life #coping. 

Do you? 

Does it really make the differnce to your whole life? If so, where is the evidence, and why isn’t everyone doing it if it really is the answer to everything? 

I have heard this said so many times but of course I try to spend the time to think about things a little more closely. So I have…

I will be the first person to say that I am not always singing and dancing or seeing every event as a blessing. I might see them as a lesson or a chance to learn something new; but not always a blessed event. 

I don’t think that being in a constant emphoric state is needed to get through this life. People who do tend to look for ways, and substances, that keep them in a perpetual state of positivity and happiness, which can take us down a very dangerous road indeed. 

I believe that at this point in my life I consider that whilst my emotions can change (and should) however I can feel confident and not scared. I can try and face the result the best way I know how and that often takes a whole range of feelings and perspectives. 

Being not scared of what will happen is different from being positive all the time and I think it is far more achievable too. 

In the case where someone might say you have a 20% chance of success, it doesn’t mean that I have to rush in and be positive  that I will fall into the 20%. Being positive won’t increase my odds. But I can decide that if I proceed and go ahead that I will be able to deal with the results and outcomes… And that works best for me. 

People also tend to ask for more positivity from chronically sick people because it’s an easier way of dealing with someone with a life long condition and dismissing them from your care and attention. “… Be positive now!… You will be ok…” Aka [please go away and don’t ask too much of me]. 

Positivity and negativity will always be something in the realms of physics and charged particles to me; but life is different. Life is evolving. Life is changing. Life is discovery. Life is loss. Life is learning. Life is coping

I would like to think that whilst I can experience many emotions and ups and downs, I also hope that I will be able to cope with whatever happens and believe I will do my best in the moment. 

That’s all I want to hope for and it is far better for my physical and emotional health. 

Gentle hugs, 


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