The Human Curse – #love #value #life #respect 

I used to think that some of the worst problems facing humanity is that they are selfish, Vain, Cruel, Greedy and, most importantly… Doomed. 

I thought that death, disease and disasters were some of the most mystifying of events that will shake the human spirit to its core. Until today. 

Today I was reminded that chief amongst our flaws and failings is that we don’t appreciate enough. Until it is too late. 

We don’t appreciate our loved ones until they are gone. We don’t appreciate our youth until it’s over. We don’t appreciate our opportunities until they have passed. And. Our health until it is lost. 

For centuries this legacy has been passed down and therefore never truly overcome. Like a curse we are never able to lift due to the fact that life begins with a profound lack of value and understanding. 

It is probably why the elderly have such a deeper understanding of life and yet they are powerless to use that which has been painfully acquired knowledge, or to pass it on… 

Experience has taught me many things and given me many opportunities to learn, enjoy, grow, love, laugh and celebrate… But it is only with the loss of something was it’s true value ever recognized. 

And that, I believe, is our human curse. 

Gentle hugs, 


2 thoughts on “The Human Curse – #love #value #life #respect 

    1. Oh yes. Things are ok… It’s all just life. I recently had a reminder of my departed mother that prompted me to think deeply about how and what we value… My blog shares my thoughts on many topics my friend X


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