Number 8 – #survival #life #lessons 

I can recall sitting with my mother and comparing tv personalities, based solely on looks. It filled an idle moment and made us both laughed.

Ray Martin was my top pick at the time and my mother lobbied hard for Kerry O’Brien or George Negus.

How different we were!

It makes me laugh now as I recall our little conversation but it also makes me realize how different we all are and how ridiculous it seems to try and compare something like personal taste, character and…. Pain levels.

Fast forward to my doctor asking me what I rate my joint and muscle pain at?! … How can I possibly answer that?!

My 8 would have been my 10 years ago. I used to cringe at the thought of going to the dentist. Now an extraction can be done with minimal pain relief!

Years ago I broke my ankle (a pop fracture) and today I walk and write with that sort of pain, without even breaking a sweat.

A young, and naive hospital nurse once told me “you shouldn’t have to live in this sort of pain…” I simply replied, “none of us should. But that’s what it’s like for those who have no choice.”

I can also recall a doctor suggesting a psychologist to help with pain management. My personal feelings about this is unless he/she lives with constant pain and has experience of what that is like, I don’t need someone telling me how depressing or psychologically challenging pain is. I already know.

It seems ridiculous to ask someone who lives in pain and with pain every day of their lives “…how would you rate your pain?…”

The only true answer to this question is. “Daily and unrelentingly…

To all of you managing you pain today and managing to get through another day on pain, you are the real heroes.

Gentle hugs.


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