Falling In Love Again – #love #acceptance #self 

As a younger person I had often heard of friends and acquaintances who, after years of separation, had found their way back to each other with a renewed love and appreciation for each other. 

To many of their friends and family it was a joyous full-circle moment where time had shown them what they truly mean to each other and the struggles of life had reminded them of the love that was still inside for each other.  

It is not only romantic but also very life affirming. It reminds us that time and hardship can make us appreciate things that we take for granted and that love has a powerful place in everyone life. 

So. Why can’t we apply this same love to ourselves?  Why can’t the struggles and pressures of life remind us how much we mean to ourselves and how important it is on the road to self acceptance and self belief? 

I think It’s harder because we find it easier to love what we can see. We are visual creatures. We can love babies. We can love puppies. We can love scenery and a home. Perhaps this is why we struggle to love the attributes about ourselves as they are often inside and others see us more clearly than we see ourselves. 

As I sit in front of the mirror I see my skin, my hair, my eyes and my features… But I don’t see half the things that others see. The ones that really count. The ones that really love me. They see much more deeply than me. They are often the mirrors that I can’t look into myself… Or can I? 

Sometimes when my body is suffering and failing me, I find it hard to look at my  loving nature, my artistic and creative talents or my sense of humour. I am not looking in the right mirror perhaps? 

I am hoping that as the years go by and as the challenges and experiences start  adding up, I will remember the person that was there through it all. The person that found hope in tomorrow and strength in today. The person who has many gifts and talents and the beautiful person I took for granted all these years… And that I may still fall in love with her all over again. 

And maybe we all can fall in love with each other all over again?

Gentle hugs, 


4 thoughts on “Falling In Love Again – #love #acceptance #self 

  1. It is difficult for me to think of someone (even my wife of 38 years) loving me. I have to admit I am certainly not who I was 42 years ago. Then Sheryl (my wife) says thank God. She says if we had to do it again we would be no better and maybe a lot worse.

    That is when i sort of reset. Yes, it could have been a lot worse. She is a wise woman and a great cheap date. Always has been. 🙂

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