Imagine – #world #think #respect.  

In the immortal words of the late John Lennon “…imagine…”

In a weird ‘alternate universe’ type moment I thought of what would life be like if the majority of people were sick, chronically ill, disabled, different or challenged by some disease and healthier people were in the minority; and they were constantly critized and scrutinized for it … What would that world look or feel like?!

Imagine a world where people would look at someone walking down the street and laugh at them for being different. Ie able to walk!

Imagine a world where, if a healthier person said they hurt their foot (or any appendage) they were instantly mocked and told to ‘grow a backbone… You’re not really THAT bad’ and assumed that they are probably faking it…

Imagine a world were healthier people were tainted and criticized for just always trying to get attention by whatever they do or say. They were mocked and a source of embarrassment.

Imagine a world were healthier people were shunned and not invited to family gatherings because ‘… It’s so hard to be around them…’

Imagine a world where buildings, halls, transport, housing, holidays were all made for ACESSIBLE NEEDS only and healthier people were not allowed to enter or participate.

Imagine a world were ‘different’ was deemed glamorous and desirable and everyone who looked like a certain size, shape or measurements were mocked and looked down on.

Imagine a world were older people were respected and loved for their frailty and loss of abilities; like a newborn. In fact, imagine a world filled with empathy and gratitude instead of competition and judgemental behavior.

Imagine being bullied and teased with words like ‘you think you are special because you can walk.’ Or ‘nobody cares if you are in pain…’ Or ‘you don’t know what real pain is; because you’re not sick!’

Imagine a world were the laws and fiscal priorities were aimed at protecting the sick and ‘challenged’ while leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.

Imagine a world were, unless you had an illness or disability, you were denied access to many awards, opportunities, incentives and promotions.

Imagine a world were all you saw in the media, movies, television and billboards were pictures of sick, disabled, Ill, ‘different’ and challenged individuals! Everyone else was excluded and deemed undesirable.

Imagine how healthier people would feel if that were the reality of everyday.


Perhaps if everyone imagined a better world we could finally create one!

Gentle hugs,


2 thoughts on “Imagine – #world #think #respect.  

  1. I do not know Trish. Would I need to avoid parking in the able body spot?

    I do love John Lennon especially his lyrics especially those in the song Beautiful Boy, Darling Boy

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