Dealing With Haters And Doubters –

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It is an unfortunate reality in life these days that if you are a happy person or doing your best to enjoy your life, you will sometimes encounter people who will do whatever they can to try and harm that happiness and make you doubt who you are.

The best revenge for any hater‬s or someone who tries to ‪‎hurt‬ you is to live a happy‬ and fulfilling ‪‎life‬; regardless of their actions.

They are mostly motivated by malicious intentions and are often damaged themselves, therefore taking away their ability to upset your life and your peace is ultimately taking away their power over you.

Never let them have control of your feelings and confidence. In the end, it says more about them than you.

Life is hard enough with health challenges, we don’t need negative people in our lives as well and trying to damage our emotional well being.

Work hard at building your self belief, self love and a strong support network.

Keep shinning beautiful people!

Gentle hugs,




3 thoughts on “Dealing With Haters And Doubters –

  1. Especially when those ‘doubters’ are in similar health situations to you.
    Starts to make me feel like a ‘doubter’ which is something I never want to be.

    Have I told you lately that you ROCK!


    1. Thank you so much for your kindness. It means a lot to know that there are those who support and care about you when it feels so very hard each day. You rock. And I am honored that we connected ❤️💋


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