Health And Happiness – #health #happiness #love 

Two things I take very seriously at this point and time of my life are health and happiness. 

People may think that I talk about health issues because I am venting my sadness about the loss of my health. Not true. 

I have long reached a point where I don’t have accepted that my health is my challenge to face and I don’t write to illicit pity or attention. I write to raise awareness that health is precious, can change completely, is one of the most important things in your life, and to help others going through struggles by letting them know they aren’t alone. 

I also want to show compassion and thanks for all those who gave difficult health challenges and those that support them. 

You can’t spread hope and awareness of you come from a dark and broken place. Even when you are writing about some painful and difficult realities. 

I write about health because I care. First and foremost. Even for the health of strangers. 

The other thing I am feel very passionate about is happiness because although they can overlap they are also very seperate experiences. Some days I can be very happy even though my health is not in a good place. 

Some days I can also not be the happiest despite having one of my better days. 

Independent but sometimes intrinsically linked. 

I am pleased to say that I am mostly a very happy person. It’s my nature. But it is also something that I have been made aware of since my health changed. 

I am aware of how important it is to try and reach a place where happiness is with you more than it isn’t. A deep down happiness. A buoyant and resonating happiness. 

Finding that place is just as important, if not more important than anything else that may be happening to me. It means I can keep my focus and while I am fighting on, and it will be my peace when I reach the end of my journey. 

I hope that anyone reading this will think very carefully about these two most important pillars of their lives and give these things your highest attention. 

Don’t put it off. Don’t wait for a more convenient time. And don’t take it for granted. 

Too many people will push these things aside and find excuses for not addressing and protecting them but they are the most important things we will ever do for ourselves in this lifetime. 

Feed and nourish the things that make you healthy and happy and don’t let anything jepordise them. 

You will be glad you did. 

Gentle hugs,


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