The Light –  #poetry #love #fight #life #devotion 

To my darling light and husband.

I have seen such beautiful glass.

Clear and new.

And every light

Can shine right through.

But it only shows reflected light

And only shines

when it was clean and bright
And then I saw a broken pane

With shards,

And cracks

and smears and stains.
It was pierced by storms

And hands unknown

And sat discarded,

Dusty and Alone.
And then when I was about to pass

I saw a light reach from that glass

And dance and glimmer on the wall

With bursts with colors;

like stars that fall.
I stood in awe, and gazed with delight

At what was truly an awesome sight
I marveled how a broken glass

Can reveal a new beauty,

which had surpassed

The pain and storms that life contained

And showed new light,

for those who remain
I see now that through our breaks and scars,

Our light can shine;

both near and far

And for those that value and love us still

We cast these special lights until

We have only shards of light left to give

Yet such beautiful light…

While we love and live.

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