MS Symptoms – #helping 

Many Autoimmune diseases share so many ‘overlap’ symptoms. 

They ( medical science) still can’t explain why… 

But every ‘symptom’ is a challenge to manage in itself, and there are no limits to how many Autoimmune diseases (and other chronic illnesses) any individual can have. 

Sometimes ‘flares’ can become permanent and diseases can unpredictable progress, without warning. 

They (medical science) still can’t explain why…

So many sufferers have to fight for respect and the support they deserve. 

They (sufferers ) still can’t explain why. 

Why does the world feel that chronic illnesses are something to be looked down upon and refuse to embrace and support fighters? 

I still don’t know why …

But I am trying to help change it 😃

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped. 

Gentle hugs, 

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